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Jeremy Jackson
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About Me
I am a simple man with an ambitious goal. The fitness industry is full of unsubstantiated claims, lies, and nonsense played off as science. I am here to bridge the gap between science and practice. I am not a wizard, but I do know how to get people to reach their fitness goals by applying scientific principles supported by research and combining them with practical experience.
-Science-based online coach and personal trainer, B.S. Exercise Science & Sport Studies
-I like to lift heavy things and put them back down
-Carbs <3
-Enemy of pseudoscience
-Fellow fitness buff who has struggled to accomplish his goals in the past and felt lost in the sea of confusion and contradictory claims
Hamaad is an excellent coach! I had been spinning my wheels to build muscle and get leaner until I found him. Hamaad is very patient, always there when you need him, and there is no question of yours he can’t answer or solve. All you have to do is listen and do what he recommends.
Rahul Pithwa
Eliminate guesswork
No matter what I did, I found myself getting re-injured at the gym over and over again. Around that time I started to follow Hamaad on Instagram, and he had me at "studies show" lol. I reached out to him to become my trainer, and it was the best decision ever. Not only have I seen results I'm really loving, I have become SO educated on exercise and nutrition. I know one day I will be able to continue my fitness journey on my own all thanks to him.
Steph Avendano
Personalize your plan to YOUR body
I was struggling with consistency, both in terms of my diet and going to the gym. I’ve been skinny for my whole life. I struggled with it and there was not much progress. Without realizing it, I became ‘skinny fat’ and I knew I needed some expert opinion. I’m happy with my results and I’m looking forward to the next stage of my fitness program. 
Kevin K.
Get lean even if you're a busy doctor
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