Discover How To Sculpt a Lean Physique With A Revolutionary Program Making Meal Plans Obsolete
If you would like to burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle without ever spending your hard-earned cash on another meal plan or diet program ever again, then this is for you.

My name is Hamaad, and I have tried every diet plan you can think of. And each one didn't work or just led me to get even fluffier. After spending literally thousands of hours researching how to design my own nutrition plan to get lean abs and after transforming countless of other people's bodies through my online coaching program, I designed a revolutionary program that designs you unlimited, CUSTOMIZED meal plans for the rest of your life. But first, let me tell you why this is so groundbreaking.
I Couldn't Figure Out How To Eat To Transform My Body Without Plateauing
Back when I was a college student, I wanted to achieve a lean physique that would make me feel more confident, like when I took my shirt off at the beach.

The problem was that I honestly had no idea what to do, especially with nutrition. The guesswork prevented from even moving forward--as if I hit a wall.

So I decided to figure out how make my own nutrition plan by going reading every darn article and video I could find. What happened was information overload. Actually, I was even more confused than before because all the advice was contradictory.
Also, I did not know what to eat or what my "macros" should be. I finally decided to go with a 30-day "shred" program, a nutrition plan that promised quick fat loss, even while building muscle. I was super excited. This was it! This was my chance to finally achieve the lean physique I wanted. So I started the program and did exactly what it said to do. It was so hard that I felt like I was starving on some days, but I was willing to do whatever it takes. The carb intake was so low that I would have eaten an Oreo that someone else dropped on the ground if I could.

I stuck it out and finally finished the 30-day nutrition plan. Well...I lost some fat, but I also lost a ton of my hard-earned muscle!

I was so disheartened that I just started eating more and more food. What happened next blew my mind...I started losing MORE fat. And that's when I realized...
Your Nutrition Plan Has To Be Constantly Adjusted For YOUR Body
My problem was that I got a "meal plan" but it was cookie-cutter! My body needed higher calories. But even if the program were effective, it would have to be adjusted every 1-2 weeks since our bodies are dynamic. I realized all those programs out there were just general nutrition plans. They do NOT take into account...
  • Your unique metabolism
  • The metabolic adaptations that require you to adjust your macros constantly
  •  Your individual body composition
  •  Your favorite foods
  •  Your desired meal frequency
  •  When you like to eat
  •  What your body responds best to
  •  Or even your specific goals
As I gained more experience in the gym and read more scientific research, I finally cracked the code. I finally understood how to design my own personal nutrition plan so that it is truly personalized.
I had a feeling things could be even better, which is when I ran into an unexpected problem. Since I understood your metabolism is dynamic, I was constantly optimizing my nutrition plan as my body adapted. But there wasn't a way to consistently have customized meal plans generated easily. Every time I needed or wanted to create a new meal plan, I would have to search up foods in a database and play "macro Tetris" to try and make the foods fit into my daily nutrition targets.

I looked everywhere for a convenient program but just found general food tracking apps. How am I supposed to know how much food to eat in each meal or how to even structure any meals? That's when I developed the Lean-Bod Intel System--the only customized nutrition system to easily build meal plans based on your ever-changing metabolism.
The Lean-Bod Intel System Transformed My Body
The Lean-Bod Intel System I created worked perfectly. The problem was that I had no way letting other people use it. My methods were only in my own brain. Sick and tired of cookie-cutter meal plans, but desperately searching for a way to generate individualized meal plans based on my body and preferences, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I designed a program so powerful, that I use it for not only myself, but for making all of my clients' meal plans. This program is the only program implementing my Lean-Bod Intel System. And I am going to share this program with you today.
Introducing The IQ Meal Builder
The IQ Meal Builder is a custom meal plan builder that completely eliminates guesswork when creating meals. It provides the structure of a meal plan so you know what and how much to eat but the flexibility to eat whatever foods you enjoy that fit your macronutrient intake.
The IQ Meal Builder calculates your optimal macronutrient intake. Then, just plug in which foods you want to eat to hit your targets. You’ll never say “I don’t know what to eat!” or “how much should I eat?” ever again.
Created By Hamaad Bhat
Hamaad is a former scrawny wimp with a muffin top who studied scientific research relentlessly to finally achieve his goal physique.
After "cracking the code", he made it his mission to help as many guys as possible to achieve a lean physique without any BS.
  •  Graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a 3.8 GPA and was valedictorian of his high school class
  •  Has grown a social media following up to 70,000 people through informative, science-based content
  •  Ended his career pursuing medicine to bridge the gap between science and practice
In the IQ Meal Builder, you will discover:
  •  How to burn fat without wondering how much to eat
  •  Exactly what and how much to eat every single day for the rest of your life
  •  The precise macronutrient intake you need for your body to melt fat WITHOUT sacrificing precious muscle
  •  How to eat ice cream while shedding stubborn belly fat (yes, I'm serious)
  •  1 mistake that will make you gain weight instead of losing it
  •  The specific nutrition method that will make you never have to use a food scale or track in a food diary ever again
  •  How to hack your nutrition so you never hit a fat loss plateau again
  •  The 1 thing that is the closest natural ingredient to steroids that will pack on muscle fast! 
  •  A fat loss method so perfect, you will gladly break both legs to learn it
  •  Over 170 approved foods to make burning fat easier than ever and supercharge your metabolism
  •  What to eat before and after a workout so that you can send nutrients straight to your muscle fibers
  •  How to build muscle AND lose fat at the same time
  •  The simple yet brutally effective nutrient protocol to take the guesswork out of our nutrition
  •  The perfect protein intake to add lean muscle to your frame without leaving gains on the table
  •  How many meals you should be eating per day to maximize muscle protein synthesis
  •  The TRUTH about nutrient timing and why you can leave the protein shake at home
  •  ...and much, much more including the step-by-step method to go from zero fat loss to dropping pounds the next day, how to prevent your metabolism from slowing down to a snail's pace, and how to save literally hundreds of dollars on supplements.
Here's what you get in the IQ Meal Builder:
IQ Meal Builder Program
This is the ultimate nutrition plan builder. It provides the structure so you can plug in which foods to eat and see how much to eat for your body but the flexibility to eat the way you like.
  •  Choose how many meals per day you prefer eating
  •  Select your favorite foods for each food category from easy dropdown menus
  •   Adjust portion size if desired and hit your macros EVERY day
  •  Build a new meal plan every day for the rest of your life
IQ Macro Calculator
  •  Calculates the optimal calorie deficit to speed up fat loss without eating muscle mass based on your unique body
  •  Calculates the optimal calorie surplus to build lean muscle without gaining extra fat
  •   Determine the ideal macros that fit your preferences and goals
Customizable Food List
  •  Over 170 delicious food options that will help you burn fat and maximize energy each day
  •  Add your favorite custom foods so that you can fit in those foods into your meal plans
Body-Intel Tracking Sheet
  •  Body weight tracking that automatically calculates average body weight
  •  Macronutrient tracking that automatically calculates daily calorie intake and average calorie intake
  •   Columns to track other metrics like sleep, hunger, fatigue, and much more to optimize your nutrition
  •  Dynamic Lean-Bod Intel System graph that displays your progress for easy visualization and adjustments
Quick Start Guide
I understand the IQ Meal Builder, macronutrient calculator, customizable food list, and Body-Intel Tracking Sheet can be a lot of valuable content at once.

So I am hooking you up with the IQ Meal Builder Quick Start Guide to get results right away! Here's what's in it:
  •  A brief tutorial so you know exactly how to create your customized nutrition plan now!
  •  A printable grocery list so you are stocked up with every metabolism-boosting food immediately.
  •   10 Rules of Lean Eating- simple yet crucial tips to lose fat without even thinking about it
If You Act Today, You Will Get This
Fast-Action Bonus
Portion-Size Handbook ($35 value)
The Portion-Size Handbook is a step-by-step guide to structuring each meal to achieve a lean body. You will learn:
  •  The simple portion-size method to burn fat effortlessly
  •  The customizable meal template to easily swap foods while hitting your food targets
  •  The Lean-Bod Intel System to manipulate your food intake to prevent plateaus all together
I Gave The IQ Meal Builder To A Test Group...
And they said the IQ Meal Builder alone, without all the supporting materials and bonuses, was worth at least $247. I told them to give me a number but they honestly didn't want to since it literally solves your nutrition problems for the rest of your life.

Admittedly, this test group included some of my clients--who are ambitious and are willing to invest in themselves to get what they want. They understand that the value of my programs are 10x what I actually charge.

Now, sure, I could charge that kind of money, but I want to get this program in the hands of as many people as I can. So I am not going to charge $247...$147...or even $97 like many programs that don't provide half the value.
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You Only Have 2 Options
Of Where To Go From Here
Option 1:
Ignore everything and change nothing (but risk everything)

You can continue to do what you are doing and waste time wondering if that's how many calories you are supposed to eat or which foods to consume to even hit those calories. I mean you don't have much time though. You're a busy guy right?
You can keep trying intermittent fasting, keto, cutting out carbs, drastic crash diets, or whatever else you hear can help you get over that fat loss plateau.
You can keep hoping and praying you will reach your goals...without regaining all the weight.
You can keep trying to find shortcuts or sift through hours of articles yet still have that stubborn belly fat almost mocking you.
You can keep looking in the mirror and not feel 100% satisfied and even feel weak and powerless when taking your shirt off at the beach.
If that's what you want, I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to pretend like you don't see the solution to literally all your nutrition problems right in front of you.
If you don't want to fight an uphill battle and finally stop spinning your wheels, there's option 2...
Option 2:
For less than a single bottle of protein powder, you can get a meal-building program that will shed pounds of stubborn fat off your body and reveal a chiseled body like a statue of a Greek god.
Just imagine not having to waste precious time guessing what to eat. You have a weight lifted off your shoulders. More time to spend with loved ones. More time to have some fun like hang out with the bros...or even take that one girl out. I mean your body will be lean and rock-hard that your presence will be screaming confidence.
That feeling of power and confidence is not something you can put a price on. To feel like an invincible man, full of energy and vitality, and fit as f***. To have a physique you can truly be proud of. And it can all begin today. Don't settle for less any longer.
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Hamaad Bhat
Disclaimer: Hamaad Bhat is not a doctor or registered dietitian. The contents of this page and the IQ Meal Builder should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem - nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. All documents included or exchanged between Hamaad Bhat and the Customer are the intellectual property of Hamaad Bhat and are not to be copied, sold or redistributed without my written consent.

Refund Policy: All transactions are final. Due to the high-value of the product and all features, you will not be entitled to a refund.

System Requirements: You may require at least Microsoft Excel 2010 and a way to view PDFs to use the materials in the IQ Meal Builder.
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