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  • Personalized Workout Plans
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  • Delicious Meal Plans
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  • 1-On-1 Chat Support
  • ​Optional Monthly Phone Call
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • ​IQphysique Academy

Check Out Our Success Stories...

How Sebastian Went From Spinning His Wheels to Losing 73 lbs
How a Busy Business Analyst Lost 34 lbs
How a Busy Veterinary Student Lost Over 20 lbs & Burned Off the Love Handles

If You've Tried Everything & Don't See the Results.

Alex was an electrician who had a 2nd job selling pizzas to pay the bills. He was always on-the-go and had every excuse to not focus on his fitness. Alex tried eating more meals per day. eating more protein, and every workout routine out there. Every couple months, he'd quit after not seeing the results.

Alex joined Team IQ after seeing our science-based methods and in only 1 month, he burned belly and chest fat AND toned his entire body.

Alex Lara
Modesto, California

If You're Just Confused On What To Do

Ricky's transformation is one that's hard to forget because he lost 38.3 lbs in 6 months, but it looks like he lost twice that.

Ricky was a CDC scientist who had tried going to the gym but wasn't sure what exercises to do or how to structure his workouts. So he'd just opt for the treadmill and machines instead.

After personalizing a workout plan that increased the demands on his body every month, he progressively got stronger. At the same time, we dialed in his nutrition and the fat practically fell off.

Ricky Albarran
Atlanta, Georgia

If You Have a Busy Corporate Job and a New Family

Eric was in the middle of transitioning to a new career while balancing taking care of his young triplets and trying his best to keep his hands out of the cabinets.

For fathers like Eric, it may seem impossible to focus on your body when you have little mouths to feed.

With an erratic eating schedule and apparently no time to workout, Eric's weight was climbing. He joined Team IQ, and we gave him a simple, 3-day/week blueprint along with massive accountability.

He slashed 12.8 lbs in the first 6 weeks alone!

Eric Scott
Bouctouche Sud, New Brunswick

If You've Always Struggled With Your Weight...

Gabriel was a traveling sales rep, and we all know traveling makes sticking to a plan a bit tougher. Gabriel had been overweight since high school.

He started a path of self-improvement 5 years ago. This even included unsustainable keto diets and trying other coaches. After a little bit of initial progress, he hit a frustrating plateau. Eventually, his weight even started to climb.

Sick of spinning his wheels and not having direction, Gabriel joined the 16-Week Belly Fat to Beach Body Blueprint and lost 20 lbs. At the same time, he developed an understanding of flexible dieting so he could eat his favorite foods and not have to cut out 'forbidden' foods.

Gabriel Tovar
West Covina, California

If You Are Still In School and Have Limited Resources...

Ramon was slowly trying to piece together what to do as he completed school to become a doctor of veterinary medicine in the Caribbeans.

He desperately wanted to get rid of his 'side rolls' and wanted a lean, symmetrical body, especially after he'd been trying to do it on his own for over 2 years. Having limited resources in a small, 3rd-world country didn't make things any easier.

After realizing how Team IQphysique values science over broscience, Ramon knew he could just get the solution instead of struggling to figure it out on his own for another couple years.

Well, it was clearly worth it as he lost 50.6 lbs in 9 months. And Ramon obviously toned up quite a bit along the way.

Ramon Mendez
New Brunswick, New Jersey

More Client Wins...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this cost?
I'd be happy to discuss prices, but they depend on what you need and what plan is actually best to give you. We first have to present the value you're getting and see if we're even a good fit. The investment is only discussed on the Get Lean Breakthrough Call. We know men who are committed to completely transforming their bodies and achieve lifelong results are willing to follow this process. After all, if you aren't even willing to spend a few more minutes for a call that can and will give you a life-changing breakthrough, then we're likely not a good fit.
Q: Can you still help me achieve my goals during COVID-19?
Yes! Despite popular belief, the quarantine situation going on is no excuse. Think about it...

First of all, nutrition gets you 80% of your results anyway. You have to eat with or without COVID, so you can still make amazing progress. Second, most guys will gain belly fat and lose muscle mass these days. But'll be doing intelligently-designed at-home bodyweight workouts that are special because they include our signature Muscle Switch Sets to activate dormant muscle fibers.

If you're still skeptical, one of our star students, Neriel, joined Team IQphysique the same day quarantines started in New York. He was hesitant too. But he took a leap of faith and is down 12.3 lbs in 8 weeks.
Q: Why online coaching instead of in-person training?
Personal training provides support during workouts for maybe 2 or 3 hours per week at best. And that's just workouts, not even the most important factor--nutrition!

Online coaching allows us to coach you not just during workouts but 24/7. Yes, that means we'll be guiding you with customized nutrition coaching, and we'll be holding you accountable in and out the gym.

If you're worried about how this is possible, we have an exclusive coaching app that ONLY you get as a client. I will basically be in your pocket! The coaching app includes exercise technique videos and every set, rep, and rest period so you have a done-for-you plan every day. Just look on the app's calendar for the day in your personal dashboard, and you'll have zero guesswork. If you want more support, a Team IQ coach and I am only a single text message away. You can even send me a technique video of you performing it, and I can analyze it for you.
Q: Is this for women?
Unfortunately, we only work with men as our abilities are best suited to help them.
Q: Do you have any type of guarantee?
We guarantee that we will give you everything you need to succeed. Everything we do has been proven in scientific research AND tested with our own bodies during our own fitness journeys. You're not a guinea pig. This is all proven to work 100% of the time...if you let us help you.

This is a 2-way street. I used to give a money-back guarantee. Nobody actually took it, but I removed it anyway because it was clear that the possibility of a refund removes almost all accountability. Having 'skin in the game' is one of the most powerful drivers of change in habits and discipline. It's a simple fact. If you know you can quit with zero consequences, you'd be doing yourself a disservice.

To be transparent, if you just don't trust us or you're not willing to bet on yourself to make this happen, then we're not willing to bet our time, money, and energy on you either. Success requires risk, attention, and sacrifice. We get results. We just need you to allow us to help you get those results for yourself.
Q: How much support do I get?
You will get all the support you need to succeed. Allow me to explain. You'll be on-boarded by Hamaad or one of the Team IQphysique coaches. We'll walk you through the process so you don't have any uncertainty about what to do next. You'll receive our brand new Team IQ Insider which will walk you through step-by-step with a weekly email and module in our membership site, the IQphysique Academy.

Every week, you'll get a client check-in so that we can answer your questions and optimize your program. But we always want to be in your pocket, so you can message us via 1-on-1 chat in your exclusive coaching app when you have questions besides check-in day. In fact, don't be surprised when we personally check on you during the week.

Most people feel they never need this, but you do have the option to do a monthly phone call. Our students have all their concerns taken care of during check-ins or through all the modules and guides we provide you with. But you do have this option if desired.

Lastly, we do have a private Facebook group so you can post general questions and be held accountable by other members of Team IQ.
Q: How are you different than other fitness coaches? 
Let me start with this. I'm not genetically gifted. I don't have a crazy metabolism. None of my results came easy. I used to be embarrassed that I spun my wheels trying to burn belly fat and tone up my body for 3+ years with zero results. Actually, it was more like 5+ years but I don't count the times where I started and quit after no results. Now, I am proud I struggled because it pushed me to ditch the common 'broscience' of the industry and all the contradictory claims and instead use proven scientific methods.

I received my 4-year degree in exercise science from Rutgers University, the largest university in New Jersey, and graduated with a 3.9 major GPA. I spent 2 years working in a nutrition laboratory. I've coached hundreds of men in person and online to help them torch stomach fat and build a beach-ready body. I've already spent $100,000+ and years of my life through education and trial-and-error. I've walked the walk and talked the talk.

Guys work with us for a very simple reason. We use methods that are based on science and WILL get you the results, if you are committed to changing your life.
Q: How is this different than what I’ve already tried?
I spent 3+ years spinning my wheels with no results to show for it. Team IQphysique and I are here to save you from every time-wasting, wallet-eating mistake I’ve made. The issue with most programs out there are that they are not based on modern science, even if they claim to be. They focus on bogus fads or just outdated nonsense. After all, it's so easy to become a 'certified trainer' and know nothing.

We will give you the blueprint to build your dream body and walk you through it every step of the way. This is not some 'plan'. We will personally coach you and give you the full solution. A science-based customized plan + accountability to a knowledgeable coach who cares about you is the recipe to success. This is the program and accountability you've never had. This is what I wish I could have gotten when I struggled in my own fitness journey and wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life.
Q: What if I don't have any time?
I'm sure you're very busy and you feel like now is not the right time. But I think you'd agree that there is always some reason to not join a coaching program or commit to transforming your body. Well, we've helped men in every situation transform their bodies.

Eric Scott from Canada had 3 kids and lost 13 lbs in the first 6 weeks.

Kevin Kwan is a busy doctor with a crazy work schedule, but we tailored a plan to his body and schedule and he lost every ounce of belly fat in 16 weeks.

Gabriel Tovar had to travel for work every week and was always on-the-go. He lost 20 lbs in 16 weeks.

It comes down to priorities. You cannot afford to delay getting coached to your dream body. By the way, my students save time. You already eat every day. You just need to change your approach. In this program, we'll give you a roadmap for your nutrition so you actually SAVE time while getting better results than ever. And if you can't prioritize at least 3 x 1 hour workouts a week over scrolling on Instagram, then nobody can help you.
Q: Can I pay you after I see the results?
Nope. If you're not confident to bet on yourself, then we can't be confident to bet our time, money, and energy on you either. You don't need to be a machine. As long as you are committed and coachable, we will hold your hand and guide to your dream body.

Success requires risk, hard work, and sacrifice. If you want to stick with free content or $30/month coaches, you can do so. We know we get you results because we already are doing so for other men right now. We just need to know you understand this is a 2-way street and that you need trust us to help you.
Q: How do I know this will work?
I'm sure you've tried free routines, common nutrition approaches, and other coaches. I have too! So I know what is already out there, and let me tell you this. The reason so many guys struggle is that there is that nonsense is rampant in the fitness industry. Yes, even that one ripped guy in your gym likely spews misinformed info.

He likely tried something, saw it produced results, and then just claimed that's the best thing to do. It's like starting a low-carb diet and seeing a little bit of results at first and telling everyone they're a fool for not doing low-carb. Little do they know, low-carb only worked for them because they literally just ate less. Yet, they ignore the negative effects, isn't sustainable, and is just unnecessary suffering since it's not even needed.

What we are giving you in the 16-Week Belly Fat to Beach Body Blueprint is guaranteed to work. I say that with 100% confidence because everything is based on proven science. I should add that it only works if you actually follow the simple steps involved.
Q: How long is the commitment? Is this monthly?
This program is designed as a 12-month journey but is a minimum commitment of 16 weeks. That's because it takes time to get results and actually develop the skills to sustain the results. Just think of how many times you've gotten some results and then fell off the wagon and lost a ton of progress. This is not a quick fix. This is the full solution.

With that being said, most guys do renew after the first 16 weeks since they see the results and want to keep that progress they've achieved.
Q: Is there a discount?
The size of the financial investment will be discussed on the phone after you fill out the application. There is a discount if you pay in full. Our best students pay in full since it represents the greatest commitment and puts your 'skin in the game'.

With that being said, the 16-Week Belly Fat to Beach Body Blueprint is not a 'discount service'. You don't walk into a Porsche dealership and ask for a 50% discount do you? You go in and expect and understand the prices reflect the value you will receive.
Q: Do I need to buy supplements?
Nope. Supplements are the icing on the cake. They're not necessary. However, we will give you scientifically-proven supplement recommendations so you can take things to the next level if desired.
Q: How many days do I have to workout?
This is a 1-on-1 online coaching program. That means we will tailor the plan to your body and schedule. Of course, we also will coach you in a way to get you the best results rather than just what you feel like doing. Most guys are in the gym 3-5 days per week.
Can I workout from home?
At-home bodyweight workouts can definitely get you results. In fact, that's how I started my fitness journey! But after the first 6 months, it gets increasingly more difficult to make progress. Home workouts simply are not as effective as working out in a complete gym due to the lack of necessary equipment, variety of weights, and ability to progressively overload. That's just a fact. 

We require you to have access to a gym. If you have a complete home gym, then that is perfectly fine, assuming you have the necessary equipment like an adjustable bench, squat rack, barbells, and all the plates and dumbbells you'd need when lifting.
Q: How customized are the nutrition plans? What if I have specific dietary needs?
We completely customize the nutrition plans to you. We embrace flexible dieting on Team IQphysique. This means we'll teach you how to include your favorite foods while having a balanced diet. You get customized macronutrient targets (carbs, protein, fat, and total calorie targets).

But you will NOT be following a strict meal plan that you have to follow exactly. That's counter-productive. Instead we'll give you several sample meal plans and nutrition guides helping you to swap out foods. This is extremely important since you won't always have the exact foods in the perfect quantity available. And that's just boring!
Q: Can I speak to someone before I make a final decision?
Of course. You will speak to either me or a select Team IQphysique coach. That will take care of all of your questions and concerns.

If you need to speak with a partner (or parent), let me say this: The REAL reason you'd need to speak with a partner is because they don't trust you. And they don't trust you to make a good decision because you don't trust yourself. Let me ask you this, do you ask permission from your partner to buy them a gift? Probably not because you're an adult and they trust you to make this decision.

If you it is 100% necessary to speak with someone, then it's imperative that you talk to them beforehand and bring them on the call with you.
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