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IQ Meal Builder

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The IQ Meal Builder is a revolutionary program that let’s you build a new, custom meal plan every day with zero guesswork. It provides optimal macronutrient targets for your body and structures each meal so all you have to do is choose your favorite foods in the meal builder and reach your nutrition targets every day. You’ll never say “I don’t know what to eat!” or “how much should I eat?” ever again.

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Have you tried to lose weight but just don't know how to eat and actually stick to your diet?

I am sure you have. 2/3 of Americans have tried to lose weight (Saad, 2011). And guess how many people are overweight/obese. 

Yup, you guessed it--2/3 (Source: NIH). Now you may say, "hey, Person X lost 25 lbs!" 

Sure. But studies show that 50% of people return to their baseline weight within a few years after losing weight . To make matters worse, the epidemic doesn't seem to be improving (Sarwer et al., 2009).


Studies show that by 2030, 86.3% of adults will be at least overweight!

That's right. The rates of being overweight or obese in America have been climbing for over 3 decades and continues to climb (Wang et al., 2008). If you don't act now, you could be part of the majority of people with health problems. 

This won't just cost you money in health costs, but possibly your

confidence and self-esteem.

Don't let your weight stop you from getting in your swimsuit at the beach.

If you want to lose weight, whether that's to improve your health or just feel good when you look in the mirror, your nutrition MUST be on point. Now, that doesn't mean you have to eat nothing but grass-fed chicken breast and organic broccoli. Remember, a diet that causes some weight loss but only leads you to regain the weight is not a very successful diet. 

The best diet is simple and enjoyable so that you can actually stick to it.


What is the IQ Meal Builder?

Have you ever asked yourself, "what should I eat?" or "how much should I eat?" Or have you ever not been able to hit your macronutrient targets at the end of the day? The IQ Meal Builder is your solution.

The IQ Meal Builder is a custom meal builder that completely eliminates guesswork when creating meals. It provides the structure of a meal plan so you know what and how much to eat but the flexibility to eat whatever foods you enjoy that fit your macronutrient intake.

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Let me outline how it works:

  1. You input information about your body and lifestyle to calculate food intake needs

  2. The program structures each meal

  3. You choose which foods you enjoy most from the dropdown

  4. You can adjust the recommended portion size (if needed) to hit your macronutrient intake

and have built your meals.

You made a new meal plan that suits your preferences and body in a matter of seconds and could literally create a new meal plan every day for the rest of your life.


How is the IQ Meal Builder Different?

While other nutrition programs/apps give you macronutrient targets and let you log your food, they don’t tell you...

  1. how to structure each meal

  2. which foods to eat

  3. or how much of each food in each meal to reach your target food intake.

The IQ Meal Builder, on the other hand, provides the structure of a meal plan so you know what and how much to eat, but the flexibility to eat whichever foods you enjoy. If you are tired of wondering what to eat, how much to eat, or what your macros are, the IQ Meal Builder is for you.


What's Included?

With your purchase of the IQ Meal Builder, you get way more than just the meal-building program:

Macronutrient Calculator

If you are at a stage in which you need to know how many calories and macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) that you need to consume for your body, the IQ Meal Builder has an in-built macronutrient calculator that is customizable based on your body, lifestyle, and preferences.

Customizable Food List

There are over 170 foods to choose from that were specifically included to help keep you healthy and prevent hunger! Want to have even more food choices? No problem. You can add custom foods to the Food List so you never run out of options.

Data Tracking Sheet

Numbers don't lie. This data tracking sheet will help you track important variables like your body weight and macronutrient intake. It automatically will calculate your average body weight and calorie intake so that you can make more intelligent adjustments to your plan over time.

Meal Builder

This is the main attraction. Just choose your favorite foods and you have a meal plan built for you. The macronutrient information for the food, meal, and day will be displayed. If necessary, you can adjust the portion size to reach your macronutrient targets. You have a endless possibilities. In fact, you could create a different meal plan every single day for the rest of your life.


5 Steps to Build a Meal

5 Steps to Build a Meal is a brief step-by-step guide instructing you exactly how to set up each meal and portion it out. If you don't manipulate any variables, you will plateau, so it also tells you how to adjust your portion sizes over time.

Educational Nutrition Videos

To top it all off, the IQ Meal Builder comes with a tutorial and a ton of educational nutrition videos so you don't just understand what, but also why and how.


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How Much Would You Pay to Solve Your Nutrition Problems for the Rest of Your Life?

Think about how much you have spent on supplements, personal trainers, 1-time programs, and gimmicks that you hear about.

A single session with a personal trainer could cost $80+.

A supplement could be over $40, just lasting you 1 month or so.

A meal plan could cost over $50, which would, mind you, be cookie-cutter, not take into account your individual body or preferences, and not be adjustable over time.


The IQ Meal Builder is only a fraction of the cost but takes into account your body and preferences. It helps you choose what and how much to eat but provides flexibility so you can enjoy and sustain it. It also lasts you forever. In fact you could create a new meal plan every day for the rest of your life! And if that's not enough, with your purchase, you will get access to any and all improvements/additional materials added to the program for life!

So what are your waiting for? End the cycle and improve your health, physique, and self-image once and for all!

Disclaimer: Hamaad Bhat is not a doctor or registered dietitian. The contents of this page and the IQ Meal Builder should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem - nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. All documents included or exchanged between Hamaad Bhat and the Customer are the intellectual property of Hamaad Bhat and are not to be copied, sold or redistributed without my written consent.

Refund policy: All transactions are final. If there is any problem with the product or you have not received it, please go to the Contact Us page to reach an IQphysique customer service representative.

System Requirements: You may require at least Microsoft Excel 2010 and a way to view PDFs to use the materials in the IQ Meal Builder.